KAUST Culture: Scientific Visualization; Virtual facility designed w/(UC San Diego)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

KAUST: The new ‘House of Wisdom’ Arab News.
A bid to develop new sources of energy in the Kingdom, to developing new crops to be cultivated in hot and arid lands and optimize utilization of the marine environment. read more.

KAUST: 6-sided virtual-reality facility; built w/ Techs at UC San Diego

Caption: In addition to the NexCAVE, KAUST’s visualization laboratory includes: “REVE” which stands for “Rapidly Expandable Virtual Environment”: i.e. passive 3D technology w/ limited stereoscopic display...
KAUST: Technologies will allow materials scientists, biomedical researchers, electrical engineers and other researchers to speed development of new technologies. read.

Wonderful new avenues of research at KAUST: Galleries

Increasing humanity's chances to work together for the benefit of unraveling key sources, amidst our changing earth... I hope there will become new avenues in furthered research for freshwater, and groundwater...
Best to you, Saudi Arabia... Will post updates, and we will visit one day.

KAUST: Quick over-view...

I will add... This may very well be the most important achievement of recent decade, as science knows no limits, and achievement is the result of combined efforts. We must broaden our understandings in areas of microbiology, to understanding and securing the viability of our planet... Truly worthwhile investments here.
More from Arab News...
"Freeing it from bureaucratic policies and giving it absolute academic freedom, KAUST is also the first and only educational institution in the Kingdom that is not under the umbrella of the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education."

"We hope that the university carries out its noble humanitarian message in a pure and clean atmosphere, taking the help of God and then that of enlightened intellectuals all over the world, without any bias or discrimination." -King Abdullah
Desiring that the new university serves as a bridge between cultures & nations.

Some 60 different cultures and many different backgrounds, races and genders and establish a unique, new culture — the KAUST culture. That is key to achieving the vision set by the king. Integral to this vision is KAUST’s extraordinary mission." Read more.
Today's Links...
(WHOI) US’ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute:
Inception in 1930: Video-log History: HERE
2009: US & Int'l Collaborations (including KAUST) S. Arabia

Special Partnership w/ Technology Institute at UC San Diego, California:
(Calit2) will provide expertise in visualization, virtual-reality and collaboration tools to support KAUST’s ambitious plan to deploy state-of-the-art technologies for scientific research. (As top of post)

The technologies will allow materials scientists, biomedical researchers, electrical engineers and other researchers to speed development of new technologies. read.
UPDATE: In every country, LOYALTY always makes me cry:
VIDEO: KAUST Groundbreaking - The King's Arrival: VIEW.
More later... California (my state) is always available to assist.

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