Impact on Fri ("Planetary traveller" video)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

Video (below) is how I've always envisioned the Moon; but instead, its a hostile environment which lacks of atmospheric pressure... And while Mars could take more than six months to reach; the moon can be reached in only a few short days...
-LCROSS Objective:
Image: daleksonmoon.

LCROSS quotes Franco Ogaro of the ESA Aurora project, "If space is an ocean, then the Moon is our nearest island." (More below)

On Fri. NASA will scratch the surface of the mission...
NASA LCROSS impact site picked: read.
Just found this Little Video (of eventual frontier.) :#

From NASA Blog:
A new look at an Old Neighbor...
"These are not crashes for the faint of heart. The two ships will smash into the moon at 5,600 mph, more than seven times the speed of sound. The explosion will have the force of 1.5 tons of TNT and throw 772,000 pounds of lunar dirt out of the crater.:

Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) will create a new crater, inside an old one, about half the size of an Olympic swimming pool, Andrews said. read.

Updates: LCROSS: Twitter
And NASA: Twitter
Projected lunar impact is on October 9, 2009...
--Centaur impact time: 11:31:19 UTC, 7:31:19 EDT, 4:31:19 PDT
--Shepherding spacecraft impact time: 11:35:45 UTC, 7:35:45 EDT, 4:35:45.

See the updated countdown clock at: LCROSS site.

And not to worry, the moon receives a LCROSS-sized impact once each week.
Image (above) from:
The return of the alien menace next door: Read.
(Haha) from Frank J at: IMAO.

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