More Gov. power-plays against farmers; despite serious global food shortage

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) and US

Democrats vote to scrap water restoration, resulting in 8 billion in damaged crops, and the end of generations of family livelihoods...

A projected 80,000 could face loss of US farms, as Democrat lobbyists impose "regulatory-mandated drought"... Taking thousands of tons from world food supply!

As Democrats refuse to make a compromise to protect US Farmers...
They pop up on Sesame Street to shift unfavorable ratings.
Big bird looses his cool, and lashes out...

On a serious note...
Democrat environmentalists use such tools as Kelo, EPA, Property Tax, ESA, FTC/FDA, Wetlands, etc; to confiscate & restrict one of life's most protected human rights. I pray that we can vote these people out in 2010, before actions lead to a deepening of global famine... Seriously...

As long as there are those who go without food, or are on rotational food aid, it is HIGHLY unethical to hamper or reduce world food supply... PERIOD!

Today's Links...
Meanwhile, the other red shirts...
-VIDEO: Venezuelan farm stolen by Chavez: Fausta's blog
-This is what the thuggish redistribution of wealth looks like: malkin

Democrats appease big farmer lobby; bill HR 875
Family markets to become heavily restricted:
Federal government food bureaucracy: Pay huge registration fees, or risk a potential $1,000,000 fine! (Sec 405 (a)(1)(A) More.

Gallup: Congressional approval drops sharply: hotair.

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