Because expanding Int'l air-tax, & ending healthcare exclusions, will save money for the Taxpayer! -VIDEO (w/ platitudes)

-Posted by D. C. Worth; for M. Barbay (France/US)

Welcome to the world where accurate Science is punked down to make room for convenient taxation; and business 101, is pushed aside by endless entitlement.

Image:From Freeps
(Battle at wooden nickel)

And where the remedy for trimming expenses is extending trillions in spending, while expanding what broke the system... Democrat's good news is that it will save Gov 1% in 10 years... The bad news (not mentioned) is that it is destined to usher in the same near-tripled premiums, this side of Massachusetts!

Read: People vs. Profits: The Great Health Insurance Myth
Dec 15, 2009 ...One all-pervading myth that refuses to die is the one where health insurance companies make their money by denying people's claims...Must read.

The effervescence of the verbal platitude...
Can you spot the four main [LIE] Key-points?


Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Regime Happiness...

AUDIO: JFK reading the "Declaration of Independence" (1776)

Today's Links...
VIDEO: Important Climate Science: VIEW.
(No flash, just facts)

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009-- was a recycled and "poorly designed" and that was “probably one of the reasons why we’ve lost 3 million private-sector jobs since it became law." Read now!

National Health Insurance, 'Cap and Trade': Two Steps in the Wrong...
Simply providing more widespread health insurance, as the Obama plan offers, is not a solution. In fact, it will aggravate the problem. ... Read.

-The Aftermath of Global Frauds More.
-ClimateGate Exposes that the Real Data Shows No Excess Warming.

Giving Granny the Tyranny...
What's next? A Democrat take-over of Ins. annuities, and Life Insurance? Or is that likely to run into conflict with senior healthcare suicide death option?
(Recent Estate Tax hike; waits in House/Senate.)


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