They can't go back with “empty hands” Debunked: Yes they Can

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

UN Secretary General is confident that leaders would eventually reach a deal Read.

Humm... Giving up 3 million jobs that will (instead) move to China or India has a "glitch" because the U.S. is asking to them to join the environment challenge, and match carbon targets with transparency....

And, instead... THEY walk out?

Obama offers Copenhagen little hope Money: Read. (fixed it)

US is 14 Trillion Dollars in debt, with 32 States on the Brink...

And NOBODY is stupid enough to match targets; as it's the sure DEATH to their economies! ...But the US will do it. But, from what I can see, over one hundred Countries came especially for hundreds of billions from the United States.

These tactics look familiar....
We need a Reagan... "NO."

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