"I will usher in a new spirit of cooperation" -Obama (08)

-Posted by D. C. Worth; for M. Barbay (France/US)

Just saw this clip from yesterday, at hotair...

Wow... Embarrassing.
WH Press Corps aren't as fortunate, under Obama.
Former Admin used to secure protocol in advance...

But look at this...
Someone said:
"The thing is that it wasn’t a joint meeting, until Obama stormed into, or crashed, the Chinese meeting. The Chinese were mad that Obama just busted in… to lecture them."

Well, that explains a lot of things...
-36 months, 17 days... Hope & Change.


UPDATE: I finally found the article.
The Media writes:
"After two weeks of grinding negotiations and a slow-going morning on Friday, several of those countries reached a breakthrough in the evening. Obama had arrived in town early, exhorted the summit to act instead of talk and dived into negotiations." (cont. below)

"Slow-going morning"... "Exhorted the summit"... Haha... And then Obama saved the day with a non-binding agreement; that excludes competitor's emissions reductions...

"At the appointed meeting time, an administration official said, the president found Wen in a room that surprisingly also included the leaders of Brazil, India and South Africa, some of whom the United States had believed to be headed for the airport in defeat." Read.

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