Video M.E. Regional discussion (#1) VFF Hegseth on L.K. Live (#2) Saudi border

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (In Paris today.)

Veterans for Freedom, Pete Hegseth joins in discussion with former Gen. Clark and panel; discussing feasibility and direction of Afghanistan (Dec. 10th) pre-Obama decision to send troops... My insights (below)

As the discussion includes al-Qaeda, I have included a Video discussion of the threat against Saudi border; as al-Qaeda opens Yemen training camp.

In my view, Yemeni resurgence effecting Saudi border; is directed by one central LINK... Pay attention to the denials, which remind me of the same denial, so often given in Iraq. Read: Street Battles in Adhamiya.

PERSONAL INSIGHTS: (Not of VFF or those in Video above)
First... I believe that al-Qaeda is Iranian...Many signs point to Iranian Guard directorship of al-Qaeda... Read: this, and this, and this.

-How Democrat appeasement weakened Peace: Read.
Have the same Clinton officials (now in Obama Admin) compromized the region by entering into and (failing) in private negotiations with al-Qaeda group? Is this now in our U.S. judicial system? (see below)

Attorney General (AG) Holder's conflict of interest; as his C & B firm represents 17 Gitmo Yemeni (al-Qaeda sponsored) prisoners... Is this (perhaps) why we see Al Qaeda's new training camp in Yemen bordering Saudi Arabia?.. Are the (al-Qaeda inspired) Yemeni prisoners set to walk?
Amidst Int'l re-evaluation; is this negotiation with the enemy what led to a three month wait? Was Obama troop increase due to failed negotiations?

AUDIO: Moral imperative is to protect Americans: On Our soil
VOTE: They who served will serve a Constitutional Government…
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