Honduras elect New President; amidst neighboring expansionist agenda

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (US/France)

Amidst boycotts, bombs, looting, and an embassy harboring a fugitive; both parties of the Honduran Government faced bans, withdraw of aid; while foreign press incitement & imported riots gained momentum... Hondurans prevented the install of a Socialist Government; and kept their Constitutional Republic.

Congratulations, you've survived the greatest test of your Millennium.
HONDURAS, Tegucigalpa: The elected president of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo, and his wife, Rose, salute to Tegucigalpa, the 30 of November of 2009. The Porfirio conservative Lobo has proclaimed a great victory in the controversial election after the coup d'etat of the 28 of June. Lobo promised to conform a government of national unity. Read.

Most of us have examined documents of both their Constitution and minutes of their highest court decision to oust Zelaya... And also viewed those who have raised the country's defenses to break its will... Hondurans are admired for their conviction, and their remarkable stand for Liberty...

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Mary O'Grady: In Elections, Honduras Defeats Chávez: #
(--) "how tiny Honduras managed to beat back the colonial aspirations of its most powerful neighbors and preserve its constitution." Read. [WSJ]

Honduras elects Porfirio Lobo as new president: (guardian)
FYI: Obama changed support after Zelaya family crimes & drug trafficking.

Ex- guerrilla Jose Mujica elected: President of Uruguay

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