Corrected data still not on-board; as US States are coerced by levy of foreign tax; i.e: Co2 "front money"/prohibited by 10th!

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (US/France)

Explanation of CRU crisis...
(Climate Data manipulations) VIEW.
"Where people with opposing views are cataloged, and then disparaged in a coordinated fashion via favorable online communities."
CRU Code & Data is a Disaster.

Show us the money…
"This will necessitate up-front financing. We cannot leave Copenhagen without major countries putting figures on the table." -- -Rasmussen.

FACT: Time to exercise our 10th Amendment State's rights. View.
State Constitutional Sovereignty prohibits foreign coercion to levy tax.
We recognize our irrevocable rights to self-govern; against those who would pervert our Constitution, to impose foreign tax... This means:
"Surrendering any power delegated or not delegated to any corporation or foreign government."

From 53-nation Commonwealth, comprised of former British colonies:
"On this, the eve of the U.N. Copenhagen summit on climate change, the Commonwealth has an opportunity to lead once more," (---)
~Britain's Queen Elizabeth.

Note: I disagree with video series (i.e: truther issues)

Video touches down on how offshore corporate cartel is vastly approaching a legally binding treaty which will limit methods of US
Looks like infowars was correct... (with a twist)

“Copenhagen will not be a talk shop,” Ban said. “We will come out
with a very concrete foundation for a legally binding treaty.” Read.

Obama's aggressive air cuts are not good enough?? With a couple of U.S. states near insolvency; amidst looming M.E. Mortgage default... No study has been made to examine how the so-called "front-Money" could further impact the several million without income, in the U.S...

IMAGE: Ban Ki-Moon looks for US Global Food Security!

Today's Links & Videos...
VIDEO: Schiff (12 mo. ago) intentionally cut-off by CNN Int’l:
VIEW at: 4:13

Cutting CO2, as Solar Cycle 24 (peak sunspot # 90) is at the lowest cycle since 1928; when Solar Cycle 16 peaked at #78. -NOAA Space Weather
-Baffling article by:

How To Hide Global Cooling: Delete The “1940’s Blip”
Read: strata-sphere

Hoping for taxes to make the warming go away; while hoping that warming will come to support the taxes? Ace posts: THIS.

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