Video: MEP Hannan on ReasonTV; & my thoughts on 'decentralizing' Gov power

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France) US trip

literally forcing banks to lend, creates a huge pile of horrible loans on top of the ones, originated over the last decade. More.

Currency control diminishes the consumer's buying power... And whether you print, restrict or deflate fiat; (or hoard & inflate metals)... There is one essential equation missing which forms the basis of balance for metals or fiat:

People and market flow determine value, and NOT centralized power… And free market remains the only method that can successfully correct it...

Inflation is counterfeit, just as Government control of Money is a recipe for corruption!

Of course, there is much more that needs to be said here, re: outsource, and nations that are "developing." But here's a few words on the subject of "healthcare" in an interview with MEP British Hannan & Reason TV...

Even with my short description (top of post) it would appear Hannan agrees that "centralized power" has being a deterrent to financial recovery.
(more later)

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