US & Australian researchers discuss Virus facts; and cite probable H1N1 origins

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Interesting Bloomberg (May 10th, 2009) interview with Scientist Adrian Gibbs who discusses examples of the probable origins of the Swine flu Virus…

Dr. Gibbs cites a 70's expedition to collect viruses from birds... (consigned by WHO) ..Note uneasiness of the interviewer at 6:44, in final seconds of clip.

He also cites that a "speed-up" of the evolution of these genes "sort of happened several years ago"... But recent ‎Sep 7th News might appear to contradict this:

Roche: Pandemic H1N1 Virus Fully Sensitive To Tamiflu #
Wall Street Journal - ‎Sep 7, 2009‎
VX), David Reddy, head of the company's pandemic task force, said Monday. "13 isolated cases of resistance of the pandemic 2009 virus to Tamiflu have been...Read more.

INTUITION: If H1N1 swine flu virus does become extraordinarily lethal, it's likely associated with more recent escape, or a lab employee who unleashed it... If an escape, Government officials pushing "non-construct" health care, appear to know far more than they're saying.
WHO: Swine flu spreading at 'unbelievable' rate AFP

View important Video series by American-trained osteopathic medical doctor and expert on vaccines, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who discusses impending & critically important issues concerning upcoming fall flu shot campaign.

Videos (1/7) detail much of what is not being told...

The Dr. reflects on how the WHO, UN, and US government, are collaborating with State governments; and how this may effect your right to refuse...
UPDATE: VIDEO: Democrats rushed to pass Martial Law Bill: VIEW.
Experimental vaccines on elderly, and children with health problems, still may be served $1,000 fine per day (and 30 day jail) for refusing vaccination.

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