NASA Partners to Revolutionize Personal Transportation

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) US trip

The morning commute may never be the same.
NASA officials have signed an agreement with Unimodal Systems, LLC to collaborate on the use of NASA-developed control software!

Image Credit: Unimodal Systems

"This collaborative effort is anticipated to help NASA with its aeronautics and space activities, while Unimodal gets to develop the next generation high-speed transportation system," said Jeffery Smith, deputy chief of the Entrepreneurial Initiatives Division at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif. "NASA will receive valuable feedback from our systems software usage." read more.

In fact, NASA's creative genius would be second to none in innovative infrastructure! ...Skytran Inventor Doug Malewicki (engineer Apollo moon-landing project, and more) is interviewed by Eyewitness News...

For those familiar, these vehicles eventually travel up to 150 mph and move 14,000 people per hour, both locally and regionally... Its small vehicles run on elevated, magnetically levitated (maglev) guideways, which distinguishes it from other railed systems... SkyTran (US) will serve as a feeder system to other transit systems, such as BART and high-speed rail. read more.

Perkins explains, "For cities across the nation, SkyTran will create greentech jobs and launch a new era of public-private partnerships that will make public transit affordable to install, and profitable to operate," NASA setting America's infrastructure and transportation in place... Full article NASA.

PERSONAL NOTE: Much of today's technology comes from NASA... And, as Obama team looks for what can make Government prosperous; waste in the hundreds of billions to ACORN and FF, from bailouts (of last year's budget alone) could fund them for almost five decades...
GOP for prosperity 2010/12!

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