Obama re-confirms his confusion between 'risk pool & Fed welfare'

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) US visit

Obama looks for a lightning healthcare response, using the same platitudes that resulted in mass bailouts, and pushed Americans to become car dealers... But hey, sunlight is a great disinfectant, I recommend that Obama Team look beyond the only direction they are proposing, to examine how these same healthcare policies are impacting the world community!

Obama Health-Care Speech Bingo:
25 clich├ęs
Summary: Blatant lack of cause & effect, contradicts every platitude expended...
Here's some rays of sunlight:
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-Cato Institute: on twitter.

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Facts: Price-fixing contributes to Government rationing...
Driving up the costs of premiums can be averted by setting up a pool for risk insured… Opening up competition from state to state, reduces Insurance premiums... Put some promises on the table which tackle key issues such as Tort reform; instead of, "We'll investigate it."

It was disappointing to see that the President failed to put all ideas on the table... Instead, the same old public option which chastises the opposition, drums the mantra of Ins companies = evil, and pushes to shape Dr's into non-profits.

This President is like a student coming to an exam with his own questions already filled out... And the biggest time wasted, is trying to inflict Insurance Mandates that will not pass in Supreme Court… Nor will ¾ of States sign onto it...

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