Anti-Chavistas hold tightly onto liberty

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France) US trip!

The very future of individual liberty and peace, is at stake... For US also... Today in Honduras, thousands protest against Hugo Chavez for closing off their protection away from rebel drug gangs...

From Italy, to Honduras, to the US; we stand for solidarity with the people of Latin America... We face attacks on liberty, too.

Oddly enough...
Chavez imports his own "hired Union" groups to 'berate and beat-down' public opinion... Obama & Chavez use the same policy... In US, we are seeing Obama's creation of a "shadow Government" of Tsars, to mask accountability.

People want to be free, and safe from ill-conceived programs which inevitably become a detriment to human rights... These leaders are making the world an unsafe place for children of the future...

Faustasblog has more: #
VIDEO Honduras: Micheletti at No Más Chávez demonstration, & reaction to the US State Dept’s action: Here.

Republican Rep. Connie Mack, has visited the Government, and has investigated Honduran Government actions, has said:
"Obama, Clinton Should Stop Punishing the People of Honduras"
Condemns decision to cut aid; urges Secretary of State to restore aid, visa services to Honduras. Read full.

NOTE: Hugo Chavez' Venezuela has become a center for the transshipment of narcotics throughout the hemisphere. Is it any wonder Chavez seeks the re-installation of his disciple Manuel Zelaya, the ousted president of Honduras, to establish Honduras as Central America's leading narco-state? Read more: Here.

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