VIDEO: Closer look at Zelaya's Coup against the Honduran Constitution

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

The entire Honduran Government unanimously implements the laws of its Constitution to address & oust a corrupt leader; and spoils the plans of the neighborhood... Honduras, now isolated, find Obama's MEDIA covering up the facts! -VIEW

Image:Honduran Generals Resign: Refuse to break Constitution

PJTV Goes to Honduras!
Did Obama Insult an Ally & Strategic Partner? VIDEO: PJTV in Honduras!
MUST VIEW! 7 min

Democrats block Republicans from submitting resolution...
Republican Congressman (FL) Connie Mack's:
-Resolution Supporting the People of Honduras:

Must See Video shows accurate detail....
And a message for Obama/Soros Team (at video's end)
VIDEO: Ousted in Honduras (below)
More will surface of Zelaya's criminal conduct which led to his ouster; should the former leader attempt to return from exile...

Same Democrat Foreign Policy, from team of Carter's rise of the Allatolas!

Today's Links...
Meanwhile, the former leader arrives at border...
Steps over, and steps back into Nicaragua... Read.
Ace remarks:
"You get deposed, you take your lumps, you take exile. If you continue agitating for a violent return to power, you get the Mary Queen of Scots treatment."

-But, oh how the Media outlets egg Zelaya on, so. VIDEO.

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