NASA: Space Station and Beyond

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Where is the ISS, now? VIEW CAM
Commander Mark Polansky of the STS-127 crew swapping out 4 big batteries during EVA 4 Twitter: Astro_127!
ISS Photography! From the Crew, and Here.

Image: NASA

Space Station and Beyond...
Operating autonomously in lunar orbit and base, and supporting longer missions amidst well prepared data; will be a crucial step for NASA and family in is advance preparation for travel beyond earth, and Moon. Much has evolved, even in the span of these great (2007) clips...
(all of which open to new window)


(Crucial stepping-stones to Mars for NASA/JAXA and Int'l family)

Inside Kibo, the Japanese Experiment Module, Mark Polansky (left), STS-127 commander, shakes hands with Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Koichi Wakata...

Wakata has been onboard the International Space Station for a tour of duty as flight engineer but will return to Earth with Polansky and the rest of the STS-127 crew...
Image: NASA STS-127 Day 9

Wakata's wealth of biological tests, furthered remotely with the Kibo lab; will be of extreme value to future missions... (He'll be missed at ISS)
Bone tests, BIO-tech tests, and more!
Koichi Wakata tapis Volant: VIDEO!

(Sorry about the awful commercials!)

NASA family fine-tunes a moon base...
A 21st Century-Style Return to the Moon:
07.22.09 Forty years after the first moon landing, NASA has turned its attention back to lunar missions, this time planning to stay longer.

The goal of the Post-landing Orion Recovery Test, or PORT, is to determine what kind of motion astronauts can expect after landing, as well as outside conditions for recovery teams. Read more.

And this includes all aspects of the training...
Exercise complete, crews return. Read more.

Members of the 920th Rescue Wing; NASA, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps took part in an expansive search-and-rescue exercise.
Image:Credit: NASA Troy Cryder

Steven Siceloff
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center

Today's Links...
Hubble Space Telescope Captures Rare Jupiter Collision:
-Collision (images) and Science: Read.
NASA press release

Pluto-Bound New Horizons Sees Changes in Jupiter System: #
NASA's eighth spacecraft to visit Jupiter – but a combination of trajectory, timing and technology allowed it to explore details no probe had seen before, such as lightning near the planet’s poles, the life cycle of fresh ammonia clouds, boulder-size clumps speeding through the planet’s faint rings, the structure inside volcanic eruptions on its moon Io, and the path of charged particles traversing the previously unexplored length of the planet’s long magnetic tail. READ.

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