More Gov. Bureaucracy to cripple markets

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Funny how LIB Government is concerned with ending fine-print confusion for you, by discouraging or ending competition; but when you are expected to give them a no-return investment, ALL information is concealed. The latest.

Image: D.C Recession-proof

With little experience in reality of "cause and effect" they always pine for limiting the rates and fees of creditors... But FACT: Amidst risk factor, and there's no money to be made; why would they lend credit? And who would that affect the most?

I've got an idea, how about the Government take a year or two and learn (exclusively) how to manage its own agencies; instead of stifling and mass taxing our earnings... That way they'd avoid a Vampire sweep of deselected politicians, like a stake through Dracula's heart... (Come 2010/12)

This Professor speaks about, "Consumer Financial Protection Agency"
And how much we just simply need another bloated Gov. Bureaucracy!

Fact is.... The Obama-left (team of Lawyers) do not trust you to understand or take more than 4 min to read any contract... Instead of transparency, they want you to 'look at something non-related' that is horrible; in order to make the real issue (you are being blocked from reading) look much better...

A commenter says, "Bring down risk and you bring down revenue. Force more rules on creditors and you will reduce the availability of market-balanced credit."

These are not opinions, these are facts...
And given the history of 'Government apathy for risky investors'; why is this not obvious, at such a crucial time for US recovery?

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The far-reaching (and potentially dangerous) 'provision' slipped in the stimulus, that no one knows

A quote from Vic:
"Hope makes for a good breakfast, but a poor supper."
-Francis Bacon

Meddling is a form of opportunism...
Anti-capitalism is entirely dependant upon what it can get from capitalists... And it makes no sense that Democrat-Socialists should hinder their ONLY source of entrepreneurial spirit, or discourage their ONLY source of prosperity.

The worst way to apply their schemes have been chosen...
A meddling form of opportunism looses, every time.

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