Today’s Eclipse -& NASA update

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Wednesday’s Eclipse:
next lengthy in 2032
Lovely star formation amidst the sun constant... Darkness at Dawn!

VIDEO: Diamond formation in India! BIG SCREEN! (Fast-forward)
VIDEO: Total Solar Eclipse (Record Blackout) National Geographic

In other news...
Here they are! Funny how even a battery change is completely interesting.
(When it's a NASA/JAXA Team of Astronauts...that is)

Here they are on the ISS, 8 hours ago...

Today's Links...
-Tiny Saturn Moon Could Be Targeted in Search for Extraterrestrial Life: PhysOrg - July 22, 2009

-NASA Mission Gets Closer to Solving Magnetic Reconnection Mystery: VIDEO HERE.

Astronauts on twitter...
ASTRO 127: (Polansky) On the ISS Mission
NASA_Astronauts: Here.

-New Images Indicate Object Hits Jupiter: read.

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