The greatly misunderstood Musharraf.. (And an Interview)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

This was a very sad day...
I'll remind you, Pakistan was once filled with hope toward economical abundance... Now, turned upside down..

Image: Musharraf's Departure

A worthwhile read:
Musharraf Interview with SPIEGEL...
And while many least understand cause and effect, as are pressured by political groups; the interview explains Musharraf's sense of better timing, to avert political repercussions...
"Things are not always black and white -- sometimes they are gray."

SPIEGEL asks Musharraf, "What do you think of this new strategy, which he calls AfPak?"

Musharraf: I am totally against the term AfPak. I do not support the word itself for two reasons: First, the strategy puts Pakistan on the same level as Afghanistan. We are not. Afghanistan has no government and the country is completely destabilized. Pakistan is not. Second, and this is much more important... Read.

SPIEGEL: Are you disappointed by Obama?

Musharraf: No, he is aiming at the right things. He is showing intentions of improving the dialogue with the Muslim world, which is good. He is right when he says that more forces must be deployed in Afghanistan. There is an intention of increasing funding for Pakistan, which is also good. But he also has to understand the reality in Pakistan and I am not sure he does...
Read the whole thing... Here.

He speaks about Siraj Haqqani, the man who has influence over Baitullah Mehsud; a dangerous terrorist, the fiercest commander in South Waiziristan and the murderer of Benazir Bhutto as we know today. Mehsud kidnapped our ambassador in Kabul and our intelligence used Haqqani's influence to get him released. Now, that does not mean that Haqqani is supported by us. The intelligence service is using certain enemies against other enemies. And it is better to tackle them one by one than making them all enemies...

Musharraf's Pakistan... VIDEO BIG SCREEN VIEW.
Pictures Pierre shot in Pakistan during his nearly 2 years stay in Lahore.
Tribute to Pierre (at end)

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