EU Leans Right; New Elections Show Shift

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Matt's headlines: EU Leans Right;
New Elections Show Shift read.
Social Democrats, the main party in the governing coalition, lost substantial ground.
Note: The right can thank Obama for this... Nobody has noticed more than Poland. VIDEO: View.

Image: Warsaw, Poland Czarek Sokolowski

BRUSSELS -- Europe was leaning to the right Sunday as tens of millions of people voted in European Parliament elections, with conservative parties favored in many countries against a backdrop of economic crisis.

Opinion polling showed right-leaning governments with edges over their opposition in Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and elsewhere. Conservative opposition parties were tied or ahead in Britain, Spain and some smaller countries. Story at: Washington Post

Meanwhile...Troubling & familiar signs, amidst Brown's desperate cling onto power despite his universal unpopularity...

Yesterday...British soldiers swear allegiance to the sovereign, not here today, gone tomorrow political no-marks... Brown chose not to insist the French invite her Madge, who was actually serving in uniform during WWII.

Video: British veterans boo the spendaholic, Scotch Prime mentalist as he arrives for the D-Day ceremony. -ht: Guido's blog of parliamentary misdeeds

When Fascism turns out to be left-leaning:
(D) Mozilo pocketed $140 million from insider trades.
Another buddy of Democrat Senator Dodd...

42 to 1: Dems Closing GOP-Donating Chrysler Dealerships
Gateway has the VIDEO.

The Big Sell…
Obama's "bankruptcy interference" scraps worker's pensions…
High court asked to block Chrysler sale to Fiat

The resolution is in retaliation to "Buy American" provisions in President Barack Obama's stimulus bill:
Canada passes "Buy Canada" type resolution

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