Citizen "of the World" at G20

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

G20 Summary: President warns protectionist exporters • Germany defies call to change outlook • America resumes Russia relations...#
US President Barack Obama has issued a veiled warning to the export powers of Europe and Asia that they risk setting off a protectionist backlash unless they do more to restore global demand. SOURCE


"If there is going to be new growth it can't just be the United States as the engine. Everybody is going to have to pick up the pace," he told a joint press conference with Gordon Brown before the G20 summit...VIDEO! Crowds!

While giving huge praise for "significant packages" by the EU, China, and Japan... And then stops to resolve South American beef. PDF.

"Our goal is simply to make certain that each country, taking into account its differences in economic circumstances and political culture, is doing what is necessary to promote economic growth."

April Fools high-five with Medvedev.
"The US will do its share but in some ways the world has become accustomed to the United States being a voracious consumer market, the engine that drives a lot of economic growth worldwide," read.

Agreeing to Make an Agreement: more.

"In the wake of this crisis, we have to take into account our own deficits. To the extent that all countries are participating, that strengthens arguments we make in our respective countries about the importance of world trade, the sense that this isn't a situation where each country is only exporting and never importing, but rather that there's a balance," he said.

Meanwhile, back at home...
Government is busy bankrupting private U.S. companies in our business sector. read.
As AceHQ remarks: "FOURTEEN BILLION dollars down the drain to achieve what could have been achieved for nothing!" read.

Media silences peaceful U.S. tea party protests; but gives FULL COVERAGE to protests in Europe! That's not the respect for "unclenched fists" we thought we knew...

Millions set for Tax Day Tea Parties!
In numbers to large to ignore!

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