Obama lawmaker's permanent campaign 'campaign rally' abandons 88% of nation

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

No victory for American taxpayers; as GOP is unable to curb another $3.6 trillion in Democrat planned spending. This continues to spark mass disapproval across the nation as Bills run party-line, instead of will of the American people... Polls reflect an overwhelming 88% want to preserve the dollar...
Read Dana's: Bricka Bracka Firecracker.

Meanwhile US Democrat Lawmakers in Brussels continue their tender compromise with the Socialists Worker Party in Europe... Barney Frank will give a Workshop on a new direction for capitalism with another 'Time for a Global New Deal' (3 April) Signing of declaration for a better globalization with high level politicians, trade unionists and NGO representatives and outstanding international personalities. read.

Personal thoughts:
It's important to note that there is also a world of difference between U.S. constitutional form of national banking law, as distinct form, and opposed by the European style in monetary systems... Requiring vote by, we the people. (more on this later)

-US left furthering European Socialist Worker's Party (2 million)
-As they ran as Democrats (650+ million)
-While majority American citizens want TAX CAPS on their own taxes (Priceless)

Last update: 02 April, at 20:49
Roma 2 apr. - (Adnkronos) -"We started with the European socialists to compare the route with which to build in Strasbourg in which a group sitting together the elect and the elected socialists of the Democratic Party. Talks have been fruitful and positive, which confirms the common interest of uniting the forces of reform in Europe and to work together towards this goal, first in the European parliament".

Lo Piero Fassino said that with the secretary of Pd Dario Franceschini, Brussels is currently participating in the Global Progressive Forum to take part in the European socialists, a delegation of the Democratic Party led by American Bill Clinton in the European Parliament on 2 and 3 April. more.

Today's Links....
From American issues project:
"Our elected officials are feigning shock over schemes that they themselves have overseen," said Ed Martin, the organization’s president. "While it’s a clever PR stunt in the face of sharply declining approval ratings, two-faced politicians are not helping the American economy—and, more importantly, the American people—recover." The ad also criticizes Congressional liberals for voting to spend $1 billion per hour and passing legislation without reading the full text of the bills. READ MORE

Update: A couple of "Friday" insane videos...
(Haha) Open your mind: BIG SCREEN.
I Know That, That’s Not Funny: BIG SCREEN.

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