Key words: Community-organizer, Acorn, housing-crisis, voter-fraud, Socialism

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

It's been a long April Fools Day, in America... Key words (above) worked against 79% of us who did not participate in junk loans and special financing schemes; and yet, we're on the hook to pay... The "community organized" were a small percentage who "prodded" Banks to disrupt our Markets.

Expats here in Europe, know what happened...
We watch bailout funds being paid directly to ACORN; while Dem-controlled branches of Government keep postponing ACORN inquiry dates...

VIDEO: ht: Gateway; who posts: "Democrat John Conyers suggested on March 19, 2009 that there should be a Congressional investigation of the ACORN Organization." For a Fraud that will go down in history; Look at these officials!

FOR THE RECORD: It was anti-capitalists which enacted programs against free markets; and then repeatedly 'thwarted efforts' to provide over-sight... This is what brought down our housing Markets... I am counting on Sarkozy and Merkel to DEMAND new ethics into trader remuneration; against further corruption that infiltrated our Free Market system; As 12.8 T is waged... Obama & Brown ignore a better way: VIEW.

Today's Links...
The Media Fooled You...
As New York Times Killed Stories of ACORN, Project Vote and the Obama campaign. Hey, all of MSM silenced credible Obama links to ACORN during campaign. Read.

And Fooled You Again...
As the new administration crushes small business, in order to work out of the pocket of Big Government... Something they said that they were against.

FACT: Bush spending programs gradually introduced Health care benefits, research, and infrastructure spending, that did not encourage inflation:
Jonah writes:
"Education spending under Bush rose 58 percent faster than inflation. Medicare spending, thanks largely to Bush’s prescription-drug benefit (the largest expansion in entitlements since the Great Society), went up 51 percent during the Bush years. Spending on health research and regulation rose 55 percent. Spending on highways and mass transit went up by 22 percent... read.

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