Obama asks Taxpayers to fill deep hole that community organizers continue to dig

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (US trip!)

The President, dismisses market communications as "gyrations"
And states: #
"The banking system has been dealt a heavy blow "due to" lax regulation, massive over-leverage, huge systemic risks taken by unregulated institutions, as well as regulated institutions." read.

Like the regulation which forced banks to implement Dem's 1980's reinvestment act, "sub-prime risky mortgages" against our wise lending practices? Blaming GOP's 17 formal attempts to stop majority Dem vote?

WSJ: "As Dow keeps dropping, President running out of people to blame."

Glen Reynolds says, "Note the longer-term graphic there. Not a "gyration," either." Read MORE.

Image credit: Instapundit.

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Releasing Bush memos of post-9-11, is to suggest that B.O. security is better
ht: Ace’s point is well taken…
To me, this seems similar to more of Obama's attempts to BLAME amidst unrealized complications of the 'Guantanamo prisoner' release; and also appears to have sought to defuse the current market's “no confidence” tank...(as above)

The release of a top-secret memo, after no more than a month's review by the Obama Administration; should first examine America's confidence-level in "today's" efforts to provide confidence in terror security...

This remains (in my opinion) far more central to the issue than examining a presidency of which eight years found Americans without attack. LINK

I predict a climb to 7800 in TWO (2) DAYS after the removal of this President from office... Followed by 4 week rise to stabilize at 8200... Also, a furthered confidence would be restored after elimination of ACORN-related Organizer programs from our Treasury, and policy; and end to HISTORIC spending blunder!

This market reflects the rejection of Obama Nation!

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