VIDEO: Eric Hovde (Ca) weighs in on Market effects of Lib’s overreach policy

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France (US trip)

LGF notes: "Shouldn’t a President of the US know that “P/E Ratio” means "price-to-earnings ratio," not "profit and earnings ratio?" There is a difference...

WSJ sets the odds of a Depression at
About Current Policies which largely discourage strength in markets:
Krosby says: "The Dow is Main Street's measure of their portfolios, of the mood of the country. It's almost a referendum on what the president's abilities are."

Eric Hovde (from my District in Ca.) weighs in...

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JACK LAIL: Journalism Is Not A Federal Earmark: read.

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College youth awaken to Obama's trillion$ transfer!

CONTINUING PUSH to create a global tax cartel.
MICKEY KAUS: Unions Don’t Deliver:

Personal thoughts: If we survive and exit these damaging "Brown re-do policies", we stand a change of impacting a 'reverse of strife' for our friends in Europe... None want these escalations of 'loss of Freedoms' as are exibited in Gordon Brown's undoing of UK's survival...

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