Historic Nightmare! Dem Majority "continues insolvent firms rescue"

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip)

More Deadly 100 day accomplishments:
Bailout Update: AIG Sues United States! read.
Dem's refuse to admit that...
Unproductive firms must die...#
So the U.S. Economy Can Live!
Caroline Baum writes:
"As an economist friend of mine says, you can’t force-feed someone who’s in the middle of coronary thrombosis."
"Better to make the treatment fit the disease. Revamping the health-care system won’t fix the banks. Raising the price of carbon-based fuels and force feeding the nation alternative sources of energy won’t loosen up lending. And higher taxes on the wealthy, and inevitably the not-so-wealthy, won’t enhance bank solvency."read.

Liberals are claiming that the crisis is capitalism, after years of inflicting their enormous 'bad judgment' restrictive policy on it... For years they impact shortages, and flight from investment... And now dismiss the market's tank (absent what led to it) while bailing out those have ZERO earning capacity, and ZERO survival ability without handouts!

Hugh Hendry, CIO of Eclectica Asset Management...

Many of us will loose millions (or hundreds of thousands) now...
BUT we will rebuild! Cut the losers off!
If not, we'll be prisoners to Government bail-out theft...
(While the current administration's policy is better suited for N. Korea.)

Dems efforts to trash capitalism, harmed American investors...
But it Failed!

Tom Barrack (founder and chairman of Colony Capital) is putting his money to work on debt! VIEW VIDEO: Good choices here.

Today's Links...
One key lesson from the bank crisis in Japan in the 1990s is that allowing undercapitalized banks to continue operating only exacerbates problems, Boston Fed's Eric Rosengren says today, because they shift their focus to survival, and not doing business. (read full speech)

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