Leftist regime build, runaway-train

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Bush-economy blame, officially over.
from wsj: "One Unstated But Clearly Implicit Goal Of [Obama’s] Budget Is To Put In Place Spending Programs That Make Ever-More Americans Dependent On Government And That Will Require A Permanently Higher Level Of Taxation To Finance."more.

Bush-deficit (L) Obama-deficit (R)
Wapo image -Foundry: READ.

Ed says, "They’re not doing everything they can do to eliminate the deficit. They’re doing everything they can do to make them exponentially worse."

The Toxic Assets We Voted For: Read.
The Federal Reserve, by long practice rather than law, has been insulated from politics in performing its fundamental function of preserving the currency as a store of value -- preventing inflation. Now, however, by undertaking hitherto uncontemplated functions, it has become an appendage of the executive branch. The coming costs, in political manipulation of the money supply, of this forfeiture of independence could be steep. READ.

Concerns are coming from all parties... view.
Especially from those who voted [Obama]

VIDEO: And let's not forget the "three" who were given more focus than 250 Democrats; and then waffled to support the splendous kick-off.

Today's Links...
Glen Reynolds:
IRONY: Michael Barone notes that they’re using the unregulated financial institutions to bail out the regulated ones.

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Mixing Donations and Earmarks

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi describing the "colossal power grab that threatens to turn the federal government into a kind of giant Enron: read.

Spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much:

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