Anything NASA is better than today's news

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Image Credit: NASA Shuttle-09
Both NASA space station and space shuttle are traveling at the same speed of 17,500 mph; when preparation for pitch maneuver is initiated at about 2 to 6 hundred feet below the station... VIEW: VIDEO

Video might be a tad silly, but... What's next to the space debris?
VIDEO: Space debris, "etc" BIG SCREEN.

Today's Links...
US billionaire to make second trip to space
Gulf News
Simonyi, Hungarian-born American living in Seattle; and also a computer genius who helped build Microsoft… will become the world's first two-time space tourist when he leaves Earth behind on Thursday. He'll be accompanied by two professional astronauts - a Russian and American - who will be going up for a six-month stint at the space station. more.

VIDEO: Our Cosmic Roots VIDEO. (improving your perspective)

UPDATE: 3/24/09 Busy NASA chats with US President...
-AUDIO: Listen.
Obama asks about NASA's solar, makes "solar" plug:
(NASA Solar = decade long project)

In the NASA interview:
Administration asks when they can "reap" the benefits of the 100 billion$ investment? (Haha) NASA has ALREADY been delivering more that the 100 billion in innovative and applied technology!

FACT: NASA has a long history of having established projects with the World's future generations... This looks like a break for Whitehouse administration during sagging polls, brawl over budget, attempts to expand power to seize firms... And policies which increase massive future generation debt... read.

For all of you who believe; this is for you. (Haha)
BIG SCREEN 1870 to 2008 Collection: Unexplained.

Will post more later...
Still preparing for trip tomorrow. (Italy)

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