Hasty bills run at odds with rule of law

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

They're outraged over bills that they (alone) have signed? And now deny a proper hearing by U.S. Financial Institutions, protected under the U.S. Constitution? Time to follow the TARP funds, recycled back to Congress.

Sen. Gregg Warns:
VIDEO: Obama Will Bankrupt the Country: VIEW.

Congress in a Lynching Mood:
"Expropriating property from people who did nothing more than accept money they were legally due sounds uncannily like a bill of attainder — a legislative measure declaring someone guilty of a crime, and imposing punishment, without trial. This weapon was expressly forbidden by the framers of the Constitution because it is fundamentally unfair, at odds with the rule of law and driven by mass hysteria rather than dispassionate fact-finding." more.
A Hidden Agenda Behind the 90 Percent Tax? read.

Obama grins from "ear-to-ear" as unsustainable entitlement spending seeks to to take U.S. to a "point-of-no return...
VIDEO: President Obama On "60 Minutes" VIEW.

Ask any Billionaire how they would solve (and not prolong or worsen) this economical recession; and they all agree on 'reduction of tax'...
-VIDEO: Billionaire Insights...
"Flat 15% tax & Economy will soar" –Ruffin

NOTE: Last year the world had 1,125 billionaires; today there are 793...
How $1.4 trillion vanished... read.

Today's Links...
WSJ: The Rise of the Underground Economy: story.

Obama economic blue-ribbon panel holds no public meeting: read.
ht: Professor Jacobson
VIDEO: Animated Crisis of Credit
Visualized by Jonathan Jarvis VIEW.

27 Visualizations & Infographics to Understand Financial Crisis.

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