Americans appreciate Czech PM's honesty; more than those who criticize our concerns

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Make no mistake; we are the populations of which this Administration expects to pump out loans from our future; while we are seeing that Europe's tax has already reached its end...

U.S. has its own version of Europe's 1999 corruption:
Resignation of Discredited Commission, due to fraud, nepotism, and mismanagement... Europe freely solved theirs; but now we must deal, not with impatience of Obama; but with the rapid dismantle of Democracy, slipped into each stimulus.

VIDEO: How would it be if the U.S. pushed its influence..
into European politics; to further this great MEP?

Mistranslation: US economic plans 'a road to hell'
Sounds like an translation apology is in order to the Czech PM...
No correction for this article? It is blatantly inaccurate.

"He didn't say that," Mr. Vondra said. A Czech spokesman said that Mr. Topolanek meant to say that the European Union would be on the way to hell if it boosted its own spending too much. His comments were intended to highlight the differences between the United States and Europe, the spokesman said. But it is precisely those differences that everyone is currently eager to downplay before London. more.

Maybe the West needs a re-set button, because they mistranslated Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek's words... And as sure as I write this post, Eastern Europe knows well, the loss of Freedoms; and remains insightfully keen to avoid a repeat... If they could join as a sovereign Nation, I'd wish they were part of the United States. :)

Mr. Topolanek is not alone in his concern that Mr. Obama's stimulus package will put a huge strain on global financial markets. German officials have also criticized the evolving American program, and in general European nations have refused to create fiscal stimulus programs anything close to that of the United States, which will push the U.S. budget deficit this year to 10 percent or more of gross domestic product. They argue that European conditions are different and that too much extra money will lead quickly to inflation. read.

While there are disagreements between the United States and Europeans about the correct balance between fiscal stimulus and improved national and international regulation of finance and tax havens, officials have been making progress on a communiqué that will get consensus in London on April 2, officials from both sides say...

Did you know that America is a tax-haven? Do you not think that it is protectionist to demand that we allow others to regulate (or liquidate) our current (tax-haven) investors?

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