Quick & less transparent Stimulus bill has a "predatory" feel to it

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France (US trip)

Highly questionable that one can fully absorb the details of this 1588+ page, $850 Billion stimulus; before its vote on Monday eve... A bill that will forever impact our Nation, for decades to come!

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Image Enlarge: Here.

-The method of limited and slow action toward transparency, appears to be similar to what led "bad judgment American investors" to be taken by predatory lenders; thus impacting an "investor's Crisis" which unfolds today.

What was not the doing of tens of millions of investors, likely to pay; has now become an injection of "guilt tactics" amidst unclear investment strategy; all in the name of "expedience"... By "power-over" force.

Skimming the PDF, and chapters of urgent interest found at: And the stimulus update, which finally arrived this evening at: Michelle Malkin's.

Michelle gives the same bottom-line:
"Global Warming, Government Healthcare, Teachers Unions, School Building Contractors, Subsidized Housing, and MASSIVE Pork."

Read Michelle's latest PDF file: here.

My personal evaluation:
This looks like Governmental regime building; absent success markers from the archives of our Nation's history, and symbiotic relationship of a 'people to productivity' ratio...
-porkulus bill is entirely ill suited to target difficult economical times.

Examples of predictability from the
-Those which "worked to expand GDP for example in '63 and '64 with the Kennedy/Johnson cuts. And then Reagan twice in '81 and '83 and then in '86. And then the Bush 2003 tax-cutting program. Those all worked in the sense of promoting economic growth in a short time frame."

TheAtlantic interviews economist with high-level experience in Keynesian macroeconomics work:
"I'm the middle of a study where I am trying to estimate this overall, going back to 1913 -- sort of constructing some measure of the overall effect of the tax rate at the margin, at the moment." read article.

(more later) Please sign the delay petition...

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