Obama: "Free Fairey" Artist arrested for 'spreading his wealth around'

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip!)

Geoff Edgers (Boston Globe) writes of: Shepard Fairey, success: read.

Shepard Fairey (L.A.) was arrested on Friday night while traveling to the Institute of Contemporary Art to kickoff his first solo exhibition. His work, which spans two decades, was recently known to include the "Hope" image of Obama, which hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington...

The museum said Fairey was arrested "in connection with his efforts posting his art in various areas around the city... And issued this statement:
"We believe Shepard Fairey has made an important contribution in the history of art and to popular thinking about art and its role in society." more.

An arraignment is scheduled on Monday. If convicted on all charges, he faces up to three years in jail, Kenneally said.

Fairey made headlines this week when The Associated Press claimed his Obama portrait infringed on its copyright to a photograph used for the artwork and that it should be compensated for its use...
Fairey has acknowledged that his image was based on an April 2006 Associated Press photograph of Obama.

So they're suing Artists for painting from photographs, now??

"Fairey was to appear as a guest disc jockey at a museum event on Friday to launch the 20-year retrospective of his artwork. He spent the past two weeks in Boston installing the exhibit, giving public talks and creating outdoor art including a banner on the side of City Hall, according to a museum statement." more.(Reporting by Jason Szep; editing by Mohammad Zargham)

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