Obama's "lean" Pork-Stimulus
From: $838 to $829 billion

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay France (US trip)

Pork Vote Passes. "Lean" as in, "They'll be back for more!"

Now we know what Obama was talking about, here...

Gateway: When you've nothing good to say about the PIG- stimulus:
-You mock the opposition! VIDEO: (smokescreen)

But Obama is about to learn that Americans are the:
"Land of the Free, Home of the Brave"
To speak freely, is a respected and hard-earned Liberty...

Obama's $829 Billion (1588+ page) Stimulus Bill...
Reid & Pelosi finally released their bill to the public, at 11:00 PM, last night.
And rushed 'within 24 hours' to vote... Millions continue to further assess the potential for another 'unchecked' rapid spend; now thrust upon the Nation.

Of 535 on Capitol Hill, 2 or 3 Republicans vote yes...
As Liberal group uses stimulus vote to target GOP.

Today, a huge over-step of justice... Taking from the responsible side of America; and then tacking it onto our future... But they will need to manage this set of funds correctly because, I will promise you this:
They will NOT take our liberty...
Remembering 1998: VIEW.

1998: The long campaign road; from predatory lenders;
nothing-down charity launderers; to election special interests...
To "embarrassing" felony tax evaders... -A Book is Born! (2010)...

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