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The El Caminito del Rey walk-way of 1921; built by king Alfonso XIII, for the inauguration of the dam Conde del Guadalhorce, is said to have taken a handful of years to complete; but due to years without maintenance, and (perhaps) other priorities; the walk-way lapsed into a highly dangerous state of deterioration...

Global financial picture suffers for almost the opposite reason; but many a synchronicity is found on this path... Splendid accompaniment in the few minute clip; with history & positive links (at bottom of post) Happy hike

Narrow gorge in El Chorro, "Camino Del Rey" (via ferrata)
High Quality: VIEW (New Window)
Music: Michael Darius - Magic Of Politics (Original Mix)

About: The walk-way measures one meter (3 ft) in width, and is over 700 feet (200 m) tall. Nearly all of the path has no handrail. Some parts of the walkway have completely collapsed and have been replaced by a beam and a metallic wire on the wall. Many people have lost their lives on the walkway in recent years...

After four people died in two accidents in 1999 and 2000, the local government closed the entrances. However, adventurous tourists still find their way into the walkway... The regional government of Andalusia budgeted for 2006 a restoration plan estimated at € 7 million. Source. (Maintenance, safety guarantee, return on investment, and a multitude of considerations.)

Today's Links...
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Keep Positive... Here's Some Optimism read.
JOHN STOSSEL says, Don’t Panic!
"Have we become so fragile that we can’t handle any recession?" read.
How to Eliminate Risk... without even trying.
theatlantic sites link, worth the read...

Ambrose Evans Prichard Article: Very Positive.

And Cool... A link about King Alfonso XIII Here.
There's even a little bit of my European family tree listed... :)
View Video Galeries: HERE.

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