'Pirate Distress' Answered by Danish Navy

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (USA trip!!!)

Image: Absalonship from defencetalk
Suspects apprehended, weapons cache confiscated, and craft sunk.
Considering that Pirates now hold nearly 300 crew, and about a dozen ships; a grid-tight strict mandatory sailing clearance (in consort) amidst the vast sea; would result in severe fines or imprisonment; and will likely reduce sea-piracy.

Hope they're jamming to foil coordinates, as are perfected from afar.
My solution to: shocking pirate problem...

Italian Destroyer Maneuvers During Attack…
Great story: Warship repels swarm of pirates attacking merchants:
"Alerted by a distress call, the Italian destroyer put itself between the the pirate "fast boats", with all vessels using water hoses to repel the pirates.

The Italian warship Luigi Durand de la Penne also used its helicopter against the pirates, dispersing their attack, a NATO official said on Tuesday." More.

Today's Links...
Spreading the Wealth??
Somali Pirates have Lavish Life Style or Rot in Jail: read
ht: marinebuzz:
"The average income in Somalia is around $650 a year, but a low level pirate can earn up to $10,000 per raid." Read more from Sky News

"Piracy ransom payments are very safe transactions as the money goes down the line through a series of intermediaries, with the local government, the mayor or chiefs having a direct hand." Read more from Guardian

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