Shocking Pirate Problem (Solved)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Time to evolve technology; or at least expand what we already have. Example below explains the nature of Magnetic fields; and I see this looped into Lazar electrical current; w/ beams above; to disable approach of invading pirates.

Image: Sirius Star Cargo

Nothing worse than an electrical fence to spoil your day...
Or better than a huge jolt, to keep pirates at bay...

VIDEO: How ships are currently equipped: Spec-ops officer

International Maritime Bureau counted the total Hijacking In African waters as 73; and that a total of 29 ships have been hijacked (so far, at this hour.) Of these hijacked vessels -- 11 remain in the hands of Pirates along with more than 200 Crew.. NATO gives the total of ships, currently held by Pirates, as 9...
Interesting site: Cargo Law.

Today's Links...

VIDEO: View Boosaaso (Pirate Boomtown) HERE!
Where rolls of cash flow onto bombed-out streets; residents unaware of the full Global picture! Meanwhile, in the streets of Mogadishu; children starve, while people kill one another for a handful of grain... read.

Pirate profits reach a record $50 million tax free. more.

VIDEO: 5/08 assessment. Six months later, multiply that by 10! #

Pirate sympathizers say they're 'Somali gone astray' & forced into a life of crime or starvation... But NO! They're Uzi & rocket wielding terrorists; paid for their successes by the warlord funded 'al-Qaeda associated' militant trade!

FACT: Since 2000, aid for Somali Civilians have been an average of 200 million per year; from international donors... Almost half are in the form of food shipments; that only combat troops can deliver!

[Image-enlarge] 217 mil (07)

Correction Update:
VIDEO: regarding PM Nur Hassan HUSSEIN: HERE
Just as was Kouchner; Nur was once an Aid Worker For Charity before he became Prime Minister... And very trustworthy! To stop evolution of weaponry & warlords expansion from completelydominating the region; I believe that the entire International community must help to restore a functional government in Somalia!

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