A Considerably 'Less Probable' Heist...

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France) (US trip!)

I've always known Avenue Montaigne as highly guarded, & w/ proficient security. Curious clip from: Sky News w/ guards lifted from post.
Image: by me- from Archives

Diamond thieves pull off 100-million-dollar Paris heist: read
Touted as the biggest theft in French history, is thought to be the second biggest jewellery heist ever in Europe; in no more than a few minutes.

So tell me why the metal sensors enabled those brandishing weaponry, to proceed beyond the extreme bullet-proof glass... And in the event of the slightest metal trigger, employees would have proceeded to safety vault.

I'm visiting Grandmother in the states, and she I looked at one another after viewing this on TV, and thought the same thing...
Answers soon to come...

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