One Million Woman Call-- (Sat 10/25)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

This Saturday, October 25 from 11AM - 1PM EST,
Team Sarah will be calling one million women voters in battleground states and invite them to participate in a live, free tele-townhall over the phone.

Townhall will be streaming the Million Woman Call LIVE!
Centered on relevant matters of State, and progress & plans for our Nation...

View Video as Combs presents a (pre-debate) question to Jeri:

Questions centered on issues, vital to all Americans (in & out of US)
Today, much substance is altered by the US Media... Yet Women of our Nation, & remainder swing states; STILL present a defining vote in this campaign. This election finds women with specific commonality... Women's intuition!
-We see right through Mr. "O"! (We're also united & voting for McCain/Palin.)

The First Live call has ended. Stay tuned at Team Sarah for future calls!
Video streaming by Ustream
They will be able to ask questions and get answers from a panel of distinguished women leaders. This has never been done before! Imagine one million women voters on one phone call!
You don't want to miss this. To listen to the call in real time, go to at 11:00AM EST on Saturday, Oct. 25th; or (eve) Europe...
Today's Links...
When it comes to polls and pollsters: Illegitimi non carborundum: more.

Leftists visited jail to register inmates, but are tossing military absentee ballots because of a legal technicality?? Who will fight for our troops?
McCain campaign says federal absentee ballot wrongly rejected: read.

UPDATE: Just found this.

Russian observers to monitor U. S. vote: #
"A preliminary report prepared by the group, after studying U. S. media coverage on the NBC, CBS and ABC television networks since September, has concluded Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential candidate, has a "hidden advantage." read.

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