Sustaining Media Plaudits with Crisis

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Distinct similarities between Brown and Obama... But given their play in suppressing the media; most haven't a clue as to how progressive efforts came & snatched Freedom away, like a thief in the night.

UPDATE: Plans by Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, to spend his way out of the recession facing Britain have been branded "misguided" by 16 leading economists; and resymbles the same disinformation, as leftist Frank's "Subprime ACORN blunder.' Tories and US Rep; should defeat the poverty-makers!

"Mr Brown may be winning plaudits in the European media, but we must not forget his part in creating the crisis", warns Simon Heffer.

Bottom-line... If you like crippling tax, failed Unions, and limited expression, Obama's your man... If not, please view entire (Video) by ONE of the many qualified U.S. Presidential Candidates; deselected by leftist media!

Fred Thompson explains what Obama presidency would mean... And this is not a pretty sight for America or World...

Video ht: Hotair read more !
Fred lends more clarity to this election... Gov. Programs and Permanent Nationalization of all Financial Markets, is what these leftists wanted... The events which led to this crisis, weighed heavy upon the populations who are now deciding wheter to vote for the same controllers in this election...
Or opting for those who tried to end the crisis, in the first place! (McCain)

Ed Morrissey says:
"We do not need “change” that takes us back to stagflation or a depression. We need to make capital work, which requires a lowering of risk and an easing of burdens, not a multiplication of both. Democrats seem determined to turn a harsh correction after a bubble into a global economic crash, and Barack Obama wants to lead the way to it."
The outcome of Obama-Leftists policy, can be seen in the policies of Hugo Chavez; who continues his ambitious int'l alliances and promises to end capitalism; Venezuela's Lights are Out... read.

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