Palin Target of Presumptuous Media Taunt

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

A typical taunt: "Dan Quayle struck a nerve in 1992 when he went after the TV series "Murphy Brown" by saying its depiction of a single mother was irresponsible & set bad example for Amer."
(Election? Or battle of Media -VS- Voter Relevance)

Dem Media drives a "comparison between Quayle and Palin" but ignores the fact that Obama "EXCLUSION LIST" for "hope and Change", reflects TAX which targets business growth over 200,000; & families who must pay!

HUGE Surge in False Media reports!
Falsifications printed; without retraction!

From the Captain, and Beldar Blog:
pdf files: View Palin's voter registration records (back to 1982.)

VIDEO: Palin speaks to Charlie Rose:

Voting to make some of the most inept agencies in America, in charge of your basic freedoms? Choose wisely, or don't complain when over-taxation burdeons your family.

Kelly vs. Trotta on Palin balancing family and career...
Hope not intended for Gov. Palin, say Dems...

'Palin has proven' her ability
'Palin has proven' her ability

"We know each other very well, and I can tell people in America and all over the world, that she is the unique combination of toughness and grace", says Linda Lingle. "The Democrats' presidential candidate has zero experience. He's never led any city, never led any state. So our vice-presidential candidate has more experience than their presidential candidate has...

Complete violation of privacy! Gov. Palin's personal data made public!
Social Security Number, residence, etc! is released to the public! Where are the privacy groups, now?? Privacy does not apply to Republicans?

New Democrats’ Near-Sighted Gaze:
"In his coronation speech at Denver’s Mile High stadium on Thursday night, Barack Obama tried to wrap himself in the mantle of the Democrats of past generations.
Trouble is, the coat doesn't fit. The internationalism of the old Democratic party has vanished." More.

(More later) I'm recovering from minor bruises and wrist injury...
-Auto-crash, Monday (France)

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