Palin: America without Teleprompter

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

There's a special 'real' brilliance, of Palin...
And for those who (this minute) spin a "speech" conspiracy...
FACT: Sarah Palin "Winged" Her Speech Because of "Broken" Teleprompter!
Read Story.
Great Video of complete Speech...

-COULTER: The Best Man Turned out To Be a Woman: More.

Contrary to the belief, drummed by the Obama Camp, that Americans are to blame... We will soon see that it is a mixed party of (Dem, Rep) elitists, who need to adopt Country First! That we will restore our great nation; Palin's formative economical understandings, and realistic knowledge of the militarial challenges we face; bring to the table magnificent debate within restored integrity to the state and Federal...
A Social Conservative... McCain/Palin- NOW!

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