Iraqi Minority Rights (الاقليه السنيه)

For Peace in Iraq...
Strongly worded legislation for الاقليه السنيه and Arab Iraqi Dulaimi
(الدليم) should be Mandatory in pre/post US withdrawal plans.
-Continuing Strives

"The rights of minorities do not depend upon the goodwill of the majority and cannot be eliminated by majority vote. The rights of minorities are protected because democratic laws and institutions protect the rights of all citizens." Read More.

There is time for Iraqis to secure this, before US command transfers security of six communally mixed provinces (Salahuddin, Mosul, Baghdad, Diyala, Kirkuk and Hilla) to the Iraqi gov... US is retaining 28,000 US Marines in Anbar, with withdrawal expected to take place in stages... read more.

This article: 'If there is to be peace in Iraq’
"If there is to be peace in Iraq, Sunnis with popular credibility must be brought into the ruling circle." more.

Defining Elements of Fair Government...
Majority Rule and Minority Rights Source.
"No one, for example, would call a system fair or just that permitted 51 percent of the population to oppress the remaining 49 percent in the name of the majority. In a democratic society, majority rule must be coupled with guarantees of individual human rights that, in turn, serve to protect the rights of minorities--whether ethnic, religious, or political, or simply the losers in the debate over a piece of controversial legislation." Read More.
For instance: Under الاقليه السنيه Civil Rights:
-See old clip below... (2006?)
This behavior would NEVER be accepted, allowed, or over-looked...
Groups (sometimes 50 to 1) would face arrest and fine for taunting and placing harm to obviously out-numbered minorities...
(Sadly, there are worse clips.)

Perhaps Iraqi Minority populations would benefit by council from US Minority organizations. Note: They are legislatively confrontational, and basically act as buffer zones between Government officials, and those populations in need.

Fairness is essential, amidst the words of Great Men: June 09, 2008
"We have to rebuild a national Iraqi army, not built on sects, but the same way they built up the Anbar police," he said. "They must be well-armed, so they will be able to protect the country and all the American interests in the area. We also have to make a friendship treaty based on mutual respect between the two parties, and then the United States will be able to withdraw from Iraq, if they wish, and we will succeed in Iraq the same way America succeeded in Japan and Germany." read more.

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