History is Russia's Biggest Enemy

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

In the video interview (below) Medvedev says, "EU did not fully understand Russia’s motives in Georgia."

Image: Kremlin-Etc.

Stating: "Unipolar dominance of one state is unacceptable."

Note: While the EU threatened to postpone talks with Russia on a new partnership pact, it did not adopt the sanctions some countries were demanding...

Euronews interview at Medvedev's summer residence in Sochi (Black Sea)
euronews: Analysts believe that the Caucasian crisis turned the final page in the history of post-Soviet Russia and became the starting point for a new world. You have mentioned that view already. How will Russia build its relationships with its neighbors, in particular with Ukraine, and the outside world, as a whole?

From Video above
Dmitry Medvedev: "We will build our relationships with all nations based on common criteria. You are right, and I have already said that the events of August this year showed the imperfection of the current security structure. We need to rebuild it, based on the realities of today." And then, outlines Russia's 5 principals of Russian Foreign policy. (see Video) -Transcript.

My Thoughts...
The ability for Russian influence to grow within the International Community is directly proportionate to its ability to recognize the impact of short-term/long-term Soviet history upon a fully sovereign (& leary) community...
If they fail in areas of trust, Russia's future business dealings will be seen as "coerced ventures"... And negatively viewed (Video) Putin System.

Short-term History: Remembering News of April 17, 2008...
MOSCOW — Russia announced Wednesday that it was broadly expanding support for two separatist regions in neighboring Georgia and would establish legal connections with the regions’ de facto governments.

A comprehensive deepening of ties between the separatist enclaves and Russia, including in trade, agriculture, education, diplomacy and social support.
Citing also, support for the Abkhaz military in the form of logistics or ammunition. Article.

Long-term History: Soviet Ambitions ('Domed to Repeat')
NOTE: Russia explained that its enhanced engagement was modeled in part on American support for Taiwan... But this is be seriously absent absolute records of UN/US/Taiwan history...

A little 1920's Georgia/Soviet History (sounds relatively accurate)
"Following the establishment of Soviet rule in Baku in April 1920, Ordzhonikidze, acting most probably on his own initiative, advanced on Georgia to support a planned coup in Tbilisi. The coup failed, however, allowing the government to concentrate all forces on successfully blocking the advance of Russian troops on the Georgian-Azerbaijani border. Facing an uneasy war with Poland, the Soviet Russian leader, Vladimir Lenin, ordered to start negotiations with Georgia.

In the Treaty of Moscow signed on May 7, 1920, Soviet Russia recognized Georgia’s independence and concluded a non-aggression pact. The treaty de jure established the existing borders between the two nations."

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