The indomitable human spirit...

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

[Enlarge-Image-Above!] Zé Eduardo "One Eye in the Canyon"

Be it the eye of the storm, or eye of the canyon...
We should never forget our earth's earliest beginnings...
Or the radical elements, which set her into form...

It is a 'Myth' that we have tamed her... Or ever will.
But our indomitable human spirit, must always seek harmony...

UPDATE: It almost looked like they tamed Hurricane Gustav!!! Once again, as usual, Conservative Men stood up to the challenge... Today, the Nat. Guard, Fema, Dept. of Homeland, troops, etc... formed a team to hold back Hurricane Gustav!
Six Republican Leaders oversaw every step!

Pictured (image left) Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry, and Guards...
Not pictured, Florida (R) Gov. Charlie Crist; Alabama (R) Gov. Bob Riley; Mississippi (R) Gov. Haley Barbour; and Louisiana (R) Gov. Bobby!

[Enlarge Getty Image] Gov. Perry

Rockforms Pool: Formed by the Changing Earth.

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