US/Russia: Infrastructures-upgrade (Energy/Trans-Link)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
My intuitive is working as I paint! Will post more, when I can...
I've a logical solution to solve three problems for two Governments...
Not to mention the opening up of lucrative freight routes with Europe. And I can also see it curb inflation for Russia - while stimulating the economy in U.S; in relatively short order...
The link of technological excellence!

A potential 64 mile, £33 Billion Tunnel between Russia & America.
Positive effects:
A very precise contract, would aim to defuse a regional sovereignty challenge, while the US evolves its Southern State's gas reserves... This would inevitably seal-the-deal for a mega gas-pipeline from Russia to U.S; and a host the much needed environmental upgrades for respective nations...

On the present course, FACE IT, Int'l Oil-days are numbered: Story.
I also see the formation of a completely separate regional 'variation of OPEC'; designed to encourage funds for not only environmental alternative energy; but infrastructure upgrade for the immediate region...

I see a joint armed regional force, to protect the collective interests of region.
-Middle ground solutions to -ALL- issues can (and will be) achieved...

Boone Pickens' Energy Forecast:
"Natural Gas is the Transportation Fuel for Tomorrow"

He cites using our own country's abundance of natural resources -
natural gas in particular - to reduce the import of foreign oil by as much as 30 percent. Specifically, using natural gas as a transportation fuel will not only decrease the country's foreign dependencies, but will also make great strides towards cleaning up the environment. Read more.

Vision of the Future
I see a web grid of successful Maglev rails connecting essential major cities. I also see much of this in place in US and Russia; before the Winter Olympics in the Black Sea resort of Sochi (2014.)

The bridging of American and and Russian relations, will make more likely, the beginnings of renewed infrastructure, renewable energies; as a spiraling transcontiential rail would update alternative rail transportation for both regional countries...

The tunnel would also enable rail connections between London and New York; thus enabling an expanded rail for Munich, w/ more-rapid feasibility! More.

More later... Keep Good Thoughts...

Related Links, and Update:
Future concepts: Six ideas that could change the face of air travel
Flight International - 1 Apr 2008
Aircraft ramps, MAGLEV or catapults could be used, using supplementary rocket power. For landing aircraft weight could be reduced by eliminating...
-More info. Maglev trains: future of transportation...

Ht: Instapundit:
US TRAINS: Positive and Negative Effects: Read the Comments!
I say, expand in "Major Grid-Regions only" with an extremely punctual Chinese Green MA600! ...More on this Eco-jet, later!

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