Media Aids US Dem 'Gov. Servitude Policy'

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

The abolishment of slavery is a noble cause; for to live with diminishing Freedoms, is to live toward enslavement... But even as Abraham Lincoln's vision sought to remove slavery from the future pages of History...A new kind of Slavery threatens to emerge...
"Mass Governmental Induced Servitude."

Today, left-controlled Congress and their backers seek to broaden failed "Welfare and Social-Sec-style" programs; and empower them "all across the board."
"Only once since 1917 has there been a tax-rate increase equal to or greater than the two twin tax proposals being made by Obama. That tax increase, the Revenue Act of 1932, was proposed by Herbert Hoover. The result was an even greater budget deficit, plummeting tax revenue and a lengthier Great Depression." -TaxProf Blog!
An interesting debate... Examine what "CHANGE" will mean for you.

Media Portrays a negative Depth of Crisis, thrusting lack of confidence in US markets...
Media backers actively work to create vision that Socialist programs will appear to guarantee US stability... While Current left-controlled Congress and their candidate, seek to impose more and more Gov. regulations...

We are seeing proposals which impact significant compartmentalization of Freedoms through "failed Government subsidies"... We need only look at how they account for the widest spread of poverty, of once-prosperous Nations.
PUSH BACK THE MEDIA... Let the Voters Decide!

Today's Links:
View: Center for Individual Freedom
"Non-partisan, non-profit organization with the mission to protect and defend individual freedoms and individual rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution."

Direction toward world energy relief, is not helpful to Leftist programs:
More needs to be investigated concerning shale, and increase in Nat. Gas.

Video: Energy Independence Day, one year later -Hotair reports
"Pelosi promised us a New Direction and energy independence. A year later, we see that New Direction, but energy independence is even farther away than ever. Barack Obama would give us four years more of the same failed policies of demonizing energy producers, useless subsidies, and a clampdown on energy production.

Every voter who pumps gas knows that the Democrats have failed on energy policy, and that four years more of this New Direction would wreak economic disaster."

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