Trusting a "Because They Say So" Policy

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

It seems that Man's greatest flaw finds him living in a world where there will always be "Mortals who become Gods" and Riots to make them Mortal again. But give me the list of factual accomplishments over MAGIC; because man's hope, and ability to believe; simply resides within...

So here we have Democrats trying to fix oil prices, by raising taxes...
And who blame McCain for his stance on Soc. Security, as they hope to inflict tax-payers with the same-type of failed programs!

...But trying to scare old people for votes, is NOT a laughing matter.
I've hoped they wouldn't have resorted to this... (read below)

Democrats Use Social Security to Bludgeon McCain
By Susan Jones July 01, 2008
It must be an election year, because Democrats are once again raising the Social Security issue to scare older Americans. Story.

The Democratic National Committee on Monday released a new Web video "aimed at helping voters keep track of McCain's Social Security rhetoric."

Sen. John McCain wants to "privatize" Social Security, the DNC warned. But he'd do so only for younger workers who want to take that route.

Here's what McCain said on Monday during a visit to Harrisburg, Pa:
"I have consistently said that no proposal of mine will affect retirees. It's that simple. I have committed to maintaining the present system for present day retirees and for those above a certain age. That's just a fact." Read more.
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