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As YSL influenced the direction of an entire era of fashion... You could say he was History's 'Costume Designer'... He once remarked that he did not like to make Women an abstract concept of Fashion... His artistry and expertise, kept that promise...
-Image: YSL is everywhere...

The mid- 90's remain forever etched in my mind...
Personal note (below)
Perfume Tribute: Jazz Commercial
Yves Saint Laurent: Paris F/W 06.07
The video Yves Saint Laurent Spring 08 Fashion Show (Full)

Personal note: A few months ago, I opened a silk box that I had left at my Mother's; only to find a treasure of forgotten perfume, makeup and earrings from mid- 1990's!... YSL...
These were magical times of emeralds, fuschias, Morocco, and golds... And the lovely black evening couture.... Memorable...
ps: The old lipstick tasted blaaaa! (smile)

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