Discovery Ferries Kibo Lab (Day in Space)

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Discovery ferries new lab toward space station
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - Lugging an enormous new lab, shuttle Discovery was in fast pursuit of the international space station on Sunday following a spectacular launch that one astronaut called "the greatest show on Earth."
Four thousand pounds of metal and human... 1,000 miles an hour, the Space shuttle Discovery carries Japan's $1 billion space station addition, Kibo... More.

Oh, and a special pump, rushed from Russia for faulty space station toilet.

Inspections, Docking Preps on First Full Day in Space Story.
A quick re-cap here... I'm in Italy, and will return to Moujan Tues eve.

I never get tired of watching another lift-off...

Excerpt from the NASA Site: News.

Now circling the Earth aboard space shuttle Discovery, the STS-124 crew members have begun their first full day in space. The astronauts are spending their workday inspecting the orbiter’s heat shield and preparing for their arrival at the International Space Station on Monday.

Installation of Kibo laboratory’s Japanese Pressurized Module in Discovery’s payload bay.

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Caption: (AFP/Graphic) A graphic on Japan's Kibo space research module. The shuttle Discovery successfully launched Saturday from Kennedy Space Center carrying seven astronauts and the key unit of the Japanese Kibo research module to the International Space Station.

Discovery’s crew members will extend the Orbiter Docking System Ring and check out rendezvous tools in preparation for their arrival at the station. In addition, the STS-124 astronauts checked out spacesuits they will use during the mission’s three scheduled spacewalks at the station and will participate in media interviews with radio and television stations in Minneapolis, Minn., and Bryan, Texas.

STS-124 Mission Information
› STS-124 Execute Packages
› STS-124 Mission Summary (539 Kb PDF)
› Meet the Crew

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