ZEN | Creativity and Destruction

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

For eons, Nature has impacted radical destruction, for earth renewal... Yet, at times I question as to whether or not we might scarcely scratch the surface toward our understanding of ZEN... And how the embedded philosophy of 'who we are' is truly infused in the creative force of our DNA... (Video below)

The Inner Life of a Cell! -Link
ALL of humanity, equal with existence to survival; impacts the positive side or negative side of our environment...
and not just the few.
Today, we find world populations spiraling beyond our planet's ability to sustain... Just as creativity is found in our DNA... Every crisis leads back to reality that unsustainable rise of world populations, cannot continue.
Our world must volunteer to limit.
News Stories:
Tragedy Update in China's Earthquake In Sichuan Province
12 May 2008 - Filmed during the quake.
Int'l Community Offers to Aid China

Please donate (on Google site) google.com/myanmarcyclone
Video: Gov. of Myanmar work alongside Monks: Update.
Burma Finances not enough to stop Int'l threat of disease spread.

Science Links:
Ancient sea creatures 'dressed up' in space diamonds: Umbria-Marche
Scientists to capture DNA of 'TREES'.. For Worldwide Database
Genetic 'Tag Team' Keeps Cells On Cycle: Transcription Factor
VIDEO: Undersea "Wind Farms" Tested: Nat'l Geographic!

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